We are so glad you are considering studies at the Destiny Training Center.

Becoming a DTC student is a life changing experience you will never forget. You will be prepared for ministry whether you are called to pastoral ministry, youth ministry, childrens' ministry or market place


General Ministry Diploma

The General Ministry Diploma is a two-year program focused mainly on the academics(Theology), ministry trainings, practical trainings, character and skills development. The first year focuses on the laying of foundation of a godly character and on the students' personal relationship with God.

This year is comprised of courses such as Old and New Testament Survey, Prayer Evangelism, the Holy Spirit, and other essential areas. The second year, students will continue building on this foundation. The students will be placed in a Weekend Ministry Program. The Weekend Ministry Program matches students with a seasoned pastor or evangelist so that they may serve as an apprentice for the period of two years.

The DTC will issue a license(Christian Worker) to the student under the Miracle Life Fellowship International Philippines upon graduation.