March 18, 2021
Medical Mission conducted in Sitio Macarandan
March 18, 2021


Opening this new year 2018 – Destiny Training Center has come to an agreement with the Polomolok Municipal Hospital administration to allow the DTC students render their service in any way to the hospital for one day. Through the leadership of Dr. Graciano Vencer – Head of the Polomolok Municipal Hospital and Ma’am Mary Wency – Assistant Admin Head and with Rev. Jarry Cortez, DTC Administrator this agreement was been finalized. DTC students will be allowed to have a one whole day only, from 8am to 5pm duty hours, in every Tuesday and once a week.

January 20, 2018 was the first day duty and orientation of the DTC students. During this orientation, given by Dr.Vencer and Ma’am Wency, hospital regulations and policy was discussed clearly with the DTC staffs together with their students. 

Afterward, DTC students, total of 16 were equally distributed in the different departments of the said hospital. For the Department of Administration- Johanna Grace Estabillo, Cherish Kaye Mata and Daphnie Amor Yntig. Mark Alvin Tabalina was assigned at the Housekeeping Department; Ronald Leal and Ivy Rose Sharon Oria at the Medical Records Department. Ruby Jane Sudio and Dearyl Christian Yntig was assigned also at the ER Department and Jeef Valdevieso at the Laundry Department. Also, Rowena Esmaquillan and Jernecel Abraham at the Dietary Department; Romnick Navat at the Maintenance Department; Brian Kirt Gabac and John Christopher Santos at the Laboratory Department and Loreto Caňillo III and Peter Esma at the Pharmacy Department.

With this kind of exposure, DTC aims that its student’s character and attitude in dealing with people will be more develop. Praying that DTC will have a establish ties with the said hospital for long-term goals.

Glory to God!


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